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Think about your audience

My audience is what I like to call the Arc Reactor to my Iron Man suit.

The mission if the Wikimedia Foundation is to bring free educational content to the world. Wikimedia is a global community id contributors and anyone who shares Wikimedia's vision to collect and share knowledge that fully represents human diversity is very much welcome to participate in the community.

Imagine a world where every single human being can freely share in the sum of knowledge.The purpose of integration testing is to expose show you how well modules/units in your software interacts. Hence, the community is rest assured that changing or refactoring Wikimedia won't break the API.

In the past month, I have learnt quite a number of things just as I have made my own share of mistakes. Remember, Everybody Struggles. The most interesting thing I learnt is that Wikimedia powers Wikipedia. I have used Wikipedia as my go-to for answers for years now and I never even knew😃. I also did learn about Integrati…
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Everybody Struggles

I did struggle, more than a bit actually.

During the application process, I was stuck on setup as I mentioned in Experiences applying to Outreachy. This was resolved with help from my mentors and Adam Shorland. Upon commencement of my internship for Mediawiki on the project Improve Mediawiki Action API Integration Tests I ran into issues and got stuck on setup AGAIN. This was strange as I was active all through the application and waiting process. I had 94 tests passing, 1 pending and 38 failing as opposed to the current status of the tests which was 133 tests passing, 1 pending and 2 failing. I just didn't understand the errors to start with. It was very confusing for me as things were fine days earlier. I spent hours tying to understand the errors. I tried deleting the current setup and started all over but the errors persisted. I tried and…

Experiences applying to Outreachy

Guess what! You are not the only anxious one! Applying to Outreachy was challenging for me too.

I enjoy learning. I was motivated to apply because I saw an opportunity to grow while working on products that are in use by hundreds of thousands of people. I was hell-bent on participating. "We help newcomers to Free and OpenSource Software" - this sentence caught my attention on the application page. The thought of making contributions to projects in the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) communities got me excited.

Ask! Times when you are not so sure, are great for questions. So are times when you do not even have clues of what you are to do. Ask questions when in doubt. That way, you don't spend too much time in the "Confused" state. Google (or any other search engine)  is your friend. Make out time to interact with it. Also, make it a habit to reach out to your mentors with updates, questions, and blockers.

Outreachy accepts people who are new to the software…